1. How can I get a Quotation before we place an order with Garmeto?

It’s very easy and hassles free to get Quotation with Garmeto. Please, select and “Add To Cart” all catalogs which you would like to get Quote for. Go to Cart and Click on “Need Quote?” and Submit your details. We shall provide you a complete quote in email with all details such as Dispatch time, Delivery days, Shipping Charge, Courier Name etc so you can decide easily. You can make a final decision after receiving a Quotation from us.

Once the customer decides to order, he/she needs to make the payment against a given Quotation and once the payment is cleared, the goods shall be dispatched on a priority basis.

2. Can I buy single pieces from Garmeto?

We have separate collection for singles. You can visit Single Store for that.

Please, note catalog pcs from www.garmeto.com will not be available in singles. 

3.How much time for delivery of goods?

It depends on the availability of the products with Garmeto especially new arrivals may get delayed from manufacturers sometimes than dispatch start date given by them. Once the order is approved by Garmeto, it takes usually 1 to 3 days for dispatch however the transit time varies from location to location which we will mention in your Quotation so you can get an exact idea of delivery of goods. We will share tracking number with you soon after dispatch using which you can check the present status of your parcel anytime.


4.What if I am not satisfied with the products?

We deal with branded products only, the quality of these original products are completely genuine, even after that if you are not satisfied with the product, you need to inform us regarding this within 2 days once you received it and the return needs to be done within 7 days. You need to immediately send the package if not satisfied. 

Note: Meanwhile, you can select any other product for the same price or any difference in the amount will be adjusted. If there is any delay in informing or sending us the parcel, we shall not be responsible to return the goods.


5. What to do if I receive a damaged product?

Customer can inform us within 3 days time and return us the product within 7 days time. The goods shall be exchanged or the money shall be returned accordingly advised. 

6. What if my parcel delivery gets delayed by a courier company?

You can inform us for the delay with your order number via WhatsApp at +91-9998557110 and we shall communicate with Courier Company to arrange delivery as soon as possible.


7.If I need to cancel my order after payment?

Once the ordered and payment is done those orders can't be canceled, the customer can only select other products for the same value or if choosing a high priced products if your order items are not ready with us, he/she needs to pay the difference amount and then the order shall be processed accordingly. 

8. Can I return back unsold items?

No, you can’t return unsold items. Garmeto will not take any responsibility on this as it is your part to sell the product

9. Do you provide any guarantee for product color fades away or gets damaged after stitching or washing?

Please, note we don’t give a guarantee on any of the products sold by us. However, if any guarantee associated with the products we will mention the same in product details. Garmeto will not be responsible for the above and please note most of the designer suits are fancy material and are suggested to do a dry wash only.


10. Can I select different pcs and/or different sizes from catalogs?

Sorry, full catalog collections u have to buy full catalog only. You can’t select a few pieces from a catalog or mix sizes.

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