Emulate Elegance with our Long Kurti

Now-a-days long kurtis are in fashion. They look classy and elegant on women. So obviously whatever is in trend has a high demand. If you want to stock up on gorgeous long kurtis then look no further than Garmeto.

We are a leading wholesaler of Indian ethnic wear. Our merchandise is coveted and much appreciated by all our clients. We have an extensive collection of long ladies kurta designs all available at fair prices.

For long kurtas online browse through our assortment of long kurta designs. You will be able to stock up on the very best at Garmeto.com. Hurry, our stocks don’t last for long!

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KC Pankh (8 Pcs)

Catalog Name: KC Pankh Fabric Details Top: Reyon heavy designer prints flair Size: L,XL,XXL                                  ...

3,996 | Total Design : 9

Kinti Forever (9 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Kinti Forever Fabric Details Top: Reyon 14kg Size: M,L,XL,XXL Style Stiching Patterns Lenght: 45(approx) Sleeves : 3/4 Sleeves Total Design : 9 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 3996/- Only ...


Tips& Tops Ruby (8 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Tips& Tops Ruby Fabric Details Top: Reyon Print and Reyon 2 tone slub and plain 14kg and Cotton with hand work and Embroidery Size: L,XL,XXL Sleeves type : ...

1,408 | Total Design : 3

VeeFab India Winter Grace Vol 13 (3 Pcs)

Catalog Name: VeeFab India Winter Grace Vol 13 Fabric Details Top: COTTON TWIEL Size: L,XL,XXL LENGTH: 48 Total Design : 3 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 1408/- Only MOQ: Full Set ...

7,770 | Total Design : 8


Catalog Name: ARIHANT NX FLORET VOL 4 Fabric Details Top: Solf Silk ,C*N Silk With Semi Georgette,Soft Tapeta Satin (Inner: Hevy Royal Crape) Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL Total Design : 8 Full ...


Saanvi (10 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Saanvi Fabric Details Top: 140 gm reyon+reyon print Size: L,XL,XXL                                      ...


jinesh nx essence (8 Pcs)

Catalog Name: jinesh nx essence Fabric Details Top: Cotton with print                                        ...



Catalog Name: KINTI HOLLYWOOD VOL 3 Fabric Details Top: REYON Slub 14KG Size:M,L,XL,XXL                                    ...


Paavi Paheli Vol 7 (8 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Paavi Paheli Vol 7 Fabric Details Top:  COTTON Size: L,XL,XXL,XXXL                                      ...


Paavi Nayra (12 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Paavi Nayra Fabric Detail Top: REYON 14KG Size: L,XL,XXL,XXXL                                        ...

4,200 | Total Design : 8

TF Gulistan (8 Pcs)

Catalog Name: TF Gulistan Fabric Details Top: Pure hairing bond pashmina Designer digital Bottom: Pashmina Print Dupatta: Pashmina shawal dupatta with border Total Design : 8 Full Catalog Price: Rs. ...


Moof Fas Mihira (8 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Moof Fas Mihira Fabric Details Top: pure maslin digital print n stylish work n hand work Bottom: reyon sttiched palazo work Dupatta:  nazmeen Chiffon foru side print less ...


Cutie (9 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Cutie Fabric Details Top: 140 gm Size: L,XL,XXL                                          ...

3,154 | Total Design : 7

V S Fas Sally Vol 1 (7 Pcs)

Catalog Name: V S Fas Sally Vol 1 Fabric Details Top: REYON 14KG Size: M,L,XL,XXL Total Design : 7 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 3154/- Only MOQ: Full Set Only  


Shreya (10 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Shreya Fabric Details Top: heavy reyon PRINT with plain Size: L,XL,XXL                                    ...


Divine (10 Pcs)

Catalog Name: Divine Fabric Details Top: 140 gm reyon Size: L,XL,XXL                                        ...