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Designer kurtis are coveted by one and all. Retailers are always on the lookout for designer kurtis at affordable rates. Well, no more kurti woes for our retailers any more, for Garmeto is here to solve all your purchasing worries.

We are the leading ladies kurti exporters as the international retailers like our merchandise above all else. We are also the most preferred ladies kurta exporter; we are well liked internationally because we deliver the best and it is always on time.

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5,000 | Total Design : 8

KC Grace Vol 5 (8 pcs)

Catalog Name: KC Grace Vol 5 Fabric Details Top: Reyon gown designer kurties Size: L,XL,XXL Length: 48+ Total Design : 8 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 5000/- Only MOQ: Full Set ...

4,608 | Total Design : 7

Checkmate (7 pcs)

Catalog Name: Checkmate Fabric Details Top: Reyon gown designer kurties with purse Size: L,XL,XXL Length- 48+ Total Design : 7 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 4608/- Only MOQ: Full Set Only

4,126 | Total Design : 8

Hinaya Noor (8 pcs)

Catalog Name: Hinaya Noor Fabric Details Top: HEAVY REYON KHADI Size: L,XL,XXL concept :- DESIGNER REYON PRINTS WITH HANDWORK & ACCESSORIES Length :- 42 Total Design : 8 Full Catalog ...

7,462 | Total Design : 8

Arihant NX Forever (8 pcs)

Catalog Name: Arihant NX Forever Fabric Details Top: Tapeta Satin With Reyon 14Kg With Cotton (Inner: Royal Crap) Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL Total Design : 8 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 7462/- Only ...

2,874 | Total Design : 10

Bellemoda Rosa Vol 3 (10 pcs)

Catalog Name: Bellemoda Rosa Vol 3 Fabric Details Top: Heavy Slub & Reyon designer tops Size: M,L,XL Total Design : 10 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 2874/- Only MOQ: Full Set ...


Eternal Starlight Vol 3 (6 pcs)

Catalog Name: Eternal Starlight Vol 3 Fabric Details Top: Digital Print Flux Georgette Jacket & Embroidered Kurta Digital Print Flux Georgette With Embroidery,Digital Print Flux Satin With Embroidery Size:S,M,L,XL,XXL Lining: ...