Casual Printed Salwar – Let Our Elegance Make You a Diva

It is very necessary to find the right designs for regular wear salwar kameez. Women always like to make a subtle style statement in their casual salwar kameez, so, retailers are always on the lookout for the most beautiful and unique pieces of casual salwar and printed salwar.

Garmeto houses the most splendid pieces of printed salwar. Browse through our catalogue of printed Patiala salwar kameez designs and be amazed at the sheer exquisiteness of our collection.

Choose from our collection of printed salwar suit designs and stock up to fulfil your causal salwar quota. Garmeto will completely satiate all your purchasing needs. So begin shopping at Garmeto today!

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Madhulika (15Pcs) | Cute Dress Materials

Catalog name: Madhulika Rate: Rs.458 Per Piece Fabrics: Top:Bhgal puri print 2,mtr, Bottom:Cotton Santoon 2,mtr, Dupatta:Nazneen. Total Design: 15 Full Catalog Price Rs.6864 Only MOQ: Full Set

Amar Akbar 1503

Amar Akbar (6Pcs) | pakistani satin dress material wholesaler

Catalog Name: Amar Akbar Rate: Rs.696/-per Piece Fabric: Top pure cotton satin Bottom pure cotton Dupatta full digital chiffon Total Design: 6 Full Catalog Price Rs 4173/-Only MOQ: Full Set

Huma Vol 1 -00

Huma Vol 1 | Wholesale dealers for dress materials surat

Catalog name: Huma Vol 1 Rate: Rs 562 per Piece Fabric: Top: Cembric Bottom: Semi Lawn (2.75 Mtr) Dupatta: Chiffon (2.30 Mtr) Total Design: 10 Full Catalog Price Rs 5618 ...

Silky -00

Silky| Grand salwar kameez

Catalog name: Silky Rate: Rs 508 per Piece Fabric: Top: Silk Crap Bottam: Santoon (2.5 Mtr) Duppta: Chiffon Total Design: 8 Full Catalog Price Rs 4066 Only MOQ: Full Set

SJ Trandy Cotton vol 34 cover

SJ Trendy Cotton vol 34 | super quality cotton dress material at garmeto

Catalog name: SJ Trendy Cotton vol 34 Rate: Rs 370/- per Piece Fabric: Top: Cotton Bottam: Cotton Duppta: Cotton Total Design: 20 Full Catalog Price Rs 7400/- Only MOQ: Full Set



Catalog Name: HANA Rate: Rs. 693 per Piece Fabric Detalis Top: Satin Cotton Bottom: Cotton (2.7 Mtr) Dupatta: Chiffon Total Pieces: 6 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 4158 Only MOQ: Full Set ...

Meenaz -00


Catalog name: Meenaz Rate: Rs 637 per Piece Fabric: Top: Cambric Bottam: Semi Cambric (2.6 Mtr) Duppta: Nazmeen (2.3 Mtr) Total Design: 10 Full Catalog Price Rs 6367 Only MOQ: Full ...


Lavisha Rashi (10 pcs) | Comely Dress Material

“Catalog Name: Lavisha Rashi Rate: Rs. 599 per Piece Fabric Details Top: Pashmina Bottom: Pashmina Dupatta: Chiffon Total Pieces: 10 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 5995Only MOQ: Full Set Only”

Pranjul Priyanka 5 -02

Pranjul Priyanka 5 (18 pcs)

“Catalog Name: Pranjul Priyanka 5 Rate: Rs. 401 per Piece Fabric Details Top: Cotton Bottom: Cotton Dupatta: Cotton Total Pieces: 18 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 7223 Only MOQ: Full Set Only”


Flower Valley | best wholesale dress materials

Catalog name: Flower Valley Rate: Rs 705 per Piece Fabric Top: Glace Cotton Bottom: Cotton Dupatta: Chiffon Total Design: 12 Full Catalog Price Rs 8460 Only MOQ: Full Set


New Rangrez

“Catalog Name: New Rangrez Rate: Rs. 496 per Piece Fabric Detalis Top: Lawn Cotton Bottom: Semi Lawn Dupatta: Najmeen Total Pieces: 7 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 3471 Only MOQ: Full ...

Crescent vol 3 -00
5,355Rs. 5,140Rs.

Crescent vol 3

“Catalog Name: Crescent vol 3 Rate: Rs. 595 per Piece Fabric Detalis Top: Lawn Cotton Bottom: Cotton Dupatta: Chiffon Total Pieces: 9 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 5355 Only MOQ: Full ...

S Elan -01
4,440Rs. 4,260Rs.

S Elan| surat salwar kameez wholesalers online

“Catalog Name: S Elan Rate: Rs. 555 per Piece Fabric Detalis Top: Glace Satin Bottom: Semi Lawn Dupatta: Chiffon Total Pieces: 8 Full Catalog Price: Rs. 4440 Only MOQ: Full ...

Ziana vol 3 -00

Ziana vol 3

Catalog name: Ziana vol 3 Rate: Rs 321 per Piece Fabric: Top: Cotton Total Design: 20 Full Catalog Price Rs 6420 Only MOQ: Full Set